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Supply is very limited.  We are currently releasing appointments periodically as stock becomes available.  Online bookings only.

Due to the large volume of calls, our reception staff are unable to answer each inquiry personally.  Please visit our Vaccine Bookings page for information about  the vaccine and the booking process.

CoronaVirus Testing

It is recommended that most people with respiratory infections now be tested for Covid-19.  Mild cases can be tested and managed in General Practice / Fever Clinics / Testing Centres. Severe cases require referral to an Emergency Department. 

East Ringwood Clinic offers testing during periods of high demand when patients may otherwise face long waits at testing centres.

If you have a cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, change in smell, or unexplained fever; you should be tested for Coronavirus.  Please book a phone consultation and your needs will be assessed.  Severe cases require referral to an Emergency Department.  Mild cases are tested onsite.  Results are typically available in 2-3 days and can be conveyed to you in a follow up phone consultation.

Phone consultations are bulk billed for all patients.  Testing is also bulk billed.

If only a test is needed, this is conducted while you sit in your car.  If an examination is also required, you are invited into a private isolation room.  In both scenarios there is no mixing with other well or sick people.

Testing is done using a nasopharyngeal viral swab.  The swab (like a long cotton bud) is applied to the back of your throat and to each nostril.  It is then sent to a lab for testing.  Results usually take around 48hrs.  You are informed of the result in a follow up phone consultation.


Once your test result is known, a medical certificate and a copy of the test result can be emailed to you.

While waiting for the test result, you will be asked to self isolate.  Self isolation means:

Do not leave your home/hotel unless it is an emergency

Do not go to public places such as work or shopping centres

Do not let visitors in – only people who usually live with you should be in your home.

If you are in a hotel you must avoid contact with other guests or staff.

If you are well (no symptoms at all), there is no need to wear surgical masks inside.

If you are isolating at home, ask others who are not in isolation to get food and necessities for you.

In most cases, once you have a negative result you can go about your business as normal (end self isolation).  In some clinical scenarios, you may still require a period of isolation even with a negative result (your doctor can advise you on this).

Even with a negative result, if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, you should:

Avoid work

Wear a mask around others

Practice cough and hand hygiene


If you are using a mask, it is very important it is used correctly to be effective.


New Patients Welcome

East Ringwood Clinic is a mixed billing General Practice.  We focus on providing professional, ethical, and comprehensive health care.  Discounts are available for Children, Pensioners, and Health Care Card holders.  With both male and female staff, and a wide range of skills; the medical centre has a doctor to suit your needs. Traditionally a GP only practice, the medical centre now has a variety of allied health services.

ERC is also a training post for the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program. We are delighted to be involved in training the next generation of GPs, and honoured to be selected for this role.  The clinic typically hosts 2 GP registrars per year under the supervision of our well experienced GPs.


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