Practitioner(s): Fiona Spring, Jacqualyn Hartley

Osteopathic treatment involves gentle hands-on techniques such as soft tissue massage, stretching, joint mobilisation, and muscle energy therapy.   Exercise prescriptions complement the manual techniques.  The service is explained in more detail in the Body Balance Osteopathic Clinic portal.

A referral including medical health summary is appreciated but not essential.  Medicare rebates  are available for eligible patients with an EPC referral.  The Allied Health Fees section of this website provides further information about appointments and fees for this service.





Fiona Spring

Fiona has been working in the Eastern suburbs for over fifteen years and loves helping people of all ages to achieve their health goals.  She employs a wide range of techniques to treat all manner of complaints, but especially enjoys treating headaches, neck pain, tendinopathies and helping patients recover from surgical procedures e.g. addressing restricted mobility, swelling etc.  Fiona spent many years competing in gymnastics at the elite level, but nowadays keeps active with cross country skiing, cycling and swimming.  When not running around after her three boys, she enjoys gardening, reading and cooking.

Jacqualyn Hartley

Jaci has been working at the Croydon Football Club for the past three years and is currently Head of Injury Management for the Senior and Reserve players. She has considerable experience working with indirect techniques, but also enjoys employing massage and more structural techniques as part of her tailored treatments. She is passionate about working holistically to achieve long lasting outcomes for her patients and has a special interest in helping people with headaches, jaw complaints and pregnancy-related issues. Outside of Osteopathy, Jaci loves doing yoga and being outdoors. She regularly gets down to the beach at Mornington and enjoys camping along the Murray.