Diabetes Education


Diabetes Education & Lifestyle Coaching

Practitioner(s):  Ruth Figes

A Diabetes Educator assists patients manage their own diabetes via education in:  blood glucose monitoring, healthy eating, exercise, avoiding diabetic complications, and other management strategies.  The service is ideally complemented by  specific nutritional advice from a Dietitian.  Together these services aim to optimise control and minimise the reliance on medications.

Access is open to all patients who:

  • Have Diabetes,  or
  • Need lifestyle coaching to reduce their risk of diabetes and other cardiovascular risk factors.

A referral including medical health summary is appreciated but not essential.  Medicare rebates  are available for eligible patients with an EPC referral.  The Book Allied Health section of this website provides further information about appointments and fees for this service.

Consulting in the areas of:

  • Type I and Type II Diabetes
  • Pre-Diabetes and Lifestyle Coaching
  • Newly Diagnosed Diabetes
  • Insulin Initiation
  • Gestational Diabetes