Allergy Service

What is the service?

The allergy service at East Ringwood Clinic aims to provide high quality assessment and treatment of common allergic disorders.  Services are delivered by an Australian trained GP with a special interest in Allergic Disorders.  Patients benefit through:

Easy access

  • No referral required
  • Timely appointments

GP style fee structure

  • Consultations follow the usual East Ringwood Clinic fee schedule.

Knowledge and skill

  • Post graduate qualifications in allergic disorders
  • Ongoing education and training
  • Access to tests and treatments not typically found in general practice.

Allergy focused consultations

  • Long consultations are a common part of the service to facilitate comprehensive assessment / treatment of allergic disorders

Who provides the service ?

The service is provided by Dr Dilip Hoole

  • MBBS (Melbourne University)     FRACGP
  • Graduate Certificate in Allergic Diseases (Western Sydney University)
  • Associate Member of ASCIA (Australian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy)


Is this a Specialist service ?

Dr Dilip Hoole is a General Practitioner with a special interest in allergic diseases.  This should not be confused with an Allergist who is a specialist in allergy and immunology.  Allergists undergo several years of training in allergy and immunology.  They typically work in major hospitals and private consulting rooms, and require a referral before seeing patients.  Additionally, access can be difficult due to long waiting lists and fees.

Specialist services are most appropriate for complex cases, and where testing / treatment has a high risk of adverse effects.  Common allergic disorders can often be well managed in general practice, but management often faces barriers.  These include: limited consultation time, lack of expertise, and lack of specialised equipment / materials.  The allergy service at East Ringwood Clinic aims to bridge this gap.  Due to the allergy epidemic straining specialist resources, better management in General Practice is  seen as increasingly important.


What to expect

As a general guide:

  • The first consultation is typically used to delineate the problem and, where appropriate, start treatment. The suitability of allergy testing is discussed with the patient.  Not all allergic disorders benefit from testing, and inappropriate testing often leads to confusing and unhelpful results.
  • If deemed desirable, Skin Prick Testing is usually conducted at the second consultation, and the results discussed during this consultation also. If blood tests such as RAST are deemed desirable, these are usually conducted prior to the second consultation and the results are then discussed at the second consultation.
  • By the end of the second consultation most patients will have had their problem assessed, testing (if appropriate) conducted, results discussed, and treatment commenced. 
  • Further appointments, if necessary, are then based on the clinical needs of the patient.
  • If food allergy testing is required, most patients are on referred to a specialist service.  This service does not do Skin Prick Testing for foods.


Booking and Fees


First Consultation:  Please book a 45 minute consultation and inform reception staff of the purpose: Allergy assessmentAn out of pocket fee of $90 (approx.) applies.  The "out of pocket fee" refers to the cost to the patient post Medicare rebate.

Second Consultation:  The consultation lasts 45 minutes if SPT is going to be performed, or 30 minutes if no SPT is needed (eg testing not required, testing done as a RAST blood test prior to the consultation, etc).  The out of pocket fee is $65 (approx.) for consultations up to 30 minutes, or $90 (approx.) for consultations up to 45 minutes.

Further appointments if required, follow the usual East Ringwood Clinic fee schedule.


Tests & Procedures

  • Skin Prick Testing: SPT itself is bulk billed.  The associated 45 minute consultation incurs an out of pocket fee (cost to the patient post Medicare rebate) of $90 (approx.)
  • RAST Blood test: Bulk billed for upto 4 allergens.  $85 out of pocket if more than 4 are tested.